Carbon Fibre Strengthening

Carbon fibre is commonly used for the structural reinforcement of concrete slabs, columns, bridges and many other structural elements. An extremely strong material, it is commonly applied externally. External application involves the use of carbon fibre polymer laminates. The laminate material is cut into large strips and applied directly to the surface of the concrete. This creates a strong bond with the structure, providing support and a high level of structural stability. With many different applications within construction, carbon fibre is a versatile and durable solution. Providing a light-weight and cost effective way to reinforce your structure.

What Is Carbon Fibre?

Carbon fibre is a strong, stiff, specialised material. Also known as CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer), it has very high tensile strength and a tolerance for high temperatures. The material experiences low thermal expansion under increased temperatures and has a low weight to strength ratio with its light makeup. This chemically resistant product is made up of crystalline filaments of carbon. Inside, carbon atoms are bonded together in long chains, giving the material its impressive qualities.

How Is CFRP Applied?

Most commonly in the form of an exterior laminate, CFRP is applied relatively easily. Firstly, the surface of the structure needs to be prepared. This involves removing anything on the surface that will prevent the carbon fibre from bonding directly. After a comprehensive clean, a primer is applied to the dry surface. Once the primer is dry, the adhesive liquid can be applied over the entire surface of the concrete. The carbon fibre fabric (cut to the appropriate size) is then placed onto the structure. After the fabric is smoothed out and any bubbles are removed, a secondary layer of the adhesive is applied to set the fibre in place. This soaks into the material, giving it the strength and stiffness required for full support.

When Is CFRP Strengthening Used?

In some cases, a lack of planning during the construction process means that buildings, bridges and other structures are destined to face problems down the line. Incorrectly designed supports result in areas where strengthening is required in order to avoid further damage or collapse. Carbon fibre strengthening is not only suitable for these applications but quickly becoming the first choice for many builders.

CFPR strengthening can also be used in otherwise sturdy structures that have simply started to experience environmental weathering. When degradation occurs, it can start to reduce the integrity of the structure. Intervention is also often required after the removal of walls, columns and other load bearing elements.

Different Applications For Carbon Fibre Strengthening

With its rust resistant properties and high chemical tolerance, CFRP reinforcement is a cost-effective solution utilised around the world. The fast installation and superior properties of this material make it the number one choice for many different industries. Carbon fibre strengthening is typically utilised in:

  • The Aerospace Industry;
  • The Automotive Industry;
  • Chemical Processing;
  • Engineering;
  • Domestic Construction; and
  • Commercial Construction.

Where Raw Worx Excel In Carbon Fibre Strengthening

Raw Worx specialise in the application of carbon fibre strengthening for bridges and in structural components of buildings. This type of concrete reinforcement is becoming increasingly popular as it is a cost-effect and relatively easy way to solve complex problems. No longer are you required to foot the bill of costly demolition and new build processes with innovative solutions like carbon fibre strengthening.

At Raw Worx, we make sure that all strengthening installations are meticulously planned, prepared and tested. Completing in-house tensile strength testing prior to the installation, we ensure the system will perform exactly as it’s designed to. With special attention to any cracking or distress in the substrate before application, there’s no stone left unturned while we’re at work.

Raw Worx area of work includes bridges, culverts, slabs, roofs, columns and heritage structures. Contact us today to find out how we can help secure your structure or complete any other construction services you require.
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