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Having worked on some of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects Raw Worx has earned a reputation for providing professional repair solutions, whilst remaining cost-effective, trustworthy and exceeding the client’s expectations.

Raw Worx Bridge Expansion Joint Installation

Bridge Expansion Joints are an integral part of a bridge and play a vital role in ensuring the longevity of a bridge’s structural adequacy. 

Bridge Extension Joints enable movement and provide water tightness to bridge structures. If Bridge Expansion Joints are not correctly designed and installed, the results can be extremely costly and may end up requiring constant maintenance and repair. At Raw Worx, we are renowned for our Bridge Expansion Joint systems that exhibit durability and quality while remaining cost-effective.

Our quality installation of Bridge Expansion Joints ensures critical assets are protected and remain serviceable. With up to two kilometres of expansion joints installed and repaired on the east coast of Australia in a short period of time, Raw Worx remains the preferred installer for many clients and suppliers. 

As one of the most respected teams of Bridge Expansion Joint Contractors in Australia, we are trusted in the construction industry for our high-quality work and our skilled team of contractors. We understand the utter importance of having premium and durable bridge joints, especially when it comes to safety. Therefore, we are dedicated to only providing the absolute best products and installation services.  

 The Raw Worx team is also able to work on a large variety of projects with our extensive range of bridge expansion joints.  

 We install: 

  • Small Movement Joints 
  • Large Movement Joints 
  • Saw Cut Joints  
  • Joints for both old and new bridges 
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If you are searching for a Bridge Expansion Joint Contractor, the Raw Worx team is your best option. We are committed to providing exceptional work at affordable prices, and place the highest importance on safety, durability, and quality in all of the work we do. 

 Contact us for more information on our Bridge Expansion Joint services today.  

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Yes. Bridge expansion joints are an important structural feature. Most sit flush with the road, and you likely wouldn’t even notice if you were driving on one. Without them, a large bridge would face severe damage over time and could even collapse.
Expansion joints are often installed during the construction process. Alternatively, they can be inserted into pre-existing structures or repaired by bridge remediation specialists. The installation process is performed by removing a section of concrete that spans the entire width of the bridge and inserting the metal expansion joint in its place.
They are used to allow concrete bridges to expand and contract without undergoing any structural damage. Expansion joints work by absorbing the stress and impact that comes with swaying, movement, pressure over top and changes in temperature.
This will depend on the thickness of concrete and length of the structure. Generally, expansion joints will be placed every 200 feet or so on a large bridge.
Yes. These joints are what allows the concrete to breathe. Concrete is an extremely hard material but it does not handle movement well. If not given the appropriate amount of room to shrink and grow, it will crack.
It all depends on how long the driveway is and what sort of environmental conditions it will be under. In most cases, control joints will be enough to prevent the concrete from cracking. These control joints should be cut at intervals around 25-30 times the thickness of the slab. For example, if the slab is 15cm thick, you would place your control joints every 4 metres.
By thermal expansion. This is a process where external heat is absorbed by a material, causing it to increase in size. Without getting too technical, when heated, the molecules within the structure start to move around more quickly — meaning they take up more space. It’s the same reason you might notice your car tyre pressure is higher on hotter days.
Bridge joints are any type of joints included in bridges to prevent them from cracking over time. These can include sliding plate joints, compression seal joints, asphaltic plug joints, poured sealant joints and more.
Expansion joint covers (EJCs) are a simple and convenient way to cover up an exposed expansion joint. Sliding over the top of the joint, it will expand and contract with the joint, keeping it protected and unexposed the entire time.

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